About Tent City Records

Tent city records started on a dark and rainy day back in 1998.

Skwert had decided because Hellcat records didn’t want to pick up INDK as a band on their roster, they would need a way to get their debut 7 inch out. This was DIY at its finest... self financed, self produced and self released, the INDK “In Decay” 7 inch would be the first release Tent City would put out.

After this release, Tent City would go on to put out more underground bands like The Foamers and Antarctica Vs The World, as well as re releasing Choking Victims 2 groundbreaking Ska Punk 7 inches, “Crack Rock Steady EP” and “Squatta’s Paradise” onto a CD format.

The scene was set for the underground to finally scratch the surface.

In the years to come, they also released, more bands like American Distress, Public Serpents, Piss Shit Fuck, The Dirty South Revolutionaries, Destroy Everything and Atrocity Solution.

The label also had a wide variety of merchandise and its own “Tent City Rhetoric” clothing line until 2013 when they were forced to shudder their operation because Skwert was incarcerated.

In 2019, the label is back, and is regrouping and rebuilding to start marketing their music in a new collective, self sustaining manner that throws away the norms of the music industry and will allow the bands to control their fate rather than a label.

Stay tuned to find out what Tent City has in store for 2020 and beyond!